10 Ways to Improve Your Retargeting Campaign


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Retargeting is not new by any means.  It is considerably under utilized by internet marketers.  Big businesses use this method as a standard operating procedure.

I often find my fate in the hands of a retargeter.   I went to Amazon looking for a specific book, deciding not to purchase at that time I left the site.  Now wherever I go online, an advertisement shows up, offering me that book.

Has that happened to you?

Retargeting is a highly effective means of producing a future sell,  Whereas the potential buyer has demonstrated a previous interest in that product or service.

Retargeting is comprised of a pixel (snippet of code) that you put on your website.  When a visitor looks at that offer on your site,  a cookie drops on their browser.   When that visitor browses the web  in the future the web-bots see this and put your offer from your website on the page they are visiting.

Retargeting can be done through advertising service, and in some cases manually.

Most marketers see a higher ROI when using retargeting.


Here are some tips to help you with your retargeting endeavours:

1.  Use the Right Display size

    The size of a display ad varies depending on the advertising platform you are targeting.
Be sure to do your research.  A poorly constructed campaign image can result with half of your image being cut off leaving the prospective buyer confused as to what is offered.
There are many sites listing the dimensions allowed for your media platform of choice.
Here’s a link for social media:   Social Media Image Size Charts

2.  Set a Limit

    Never over indulge on retargeting.  You will destroy any chance of a relationship with that visitor who graced your website.     (Remember each visitor who took the time to go to your website is a welcome guest).

    You should set your cap at 4 or 5 times a week.

    Here is Google’s advice on Frequency capping.

3. Vary up the ads

Create different ads with different graphics.  Change them up.

Unless you think you can beat the Fizz Fizz Alka Seltzer guy, and have a jingle that will stick in peoples heads until they buy from you,  you might not want to bore them with the same image and text for too long!  Also, when a new ad shows up, it could be construed as a new and improved version of your offer.


4.  Test and track

    Tracking is an elemental component of a successful sales campaign.

    If you are not tracking your test ads you will not know what your results are.

   During this testing period never fear having an ad fail.  You received a result you can benefit from.

    Failing is part of figuring out what works and what can prompt customers to purchase.

    Get a google adwords account for tracking.


5.  Use Multiple Media Platforms

    This is where an advertising service is helpful.  It may be easy to retarget a website visitor to a social media site, although there are many who do not frequent those as often as the rest.   In order to get your offer to the biggest audience, the use of other digital channels is necessary.


6.   Understand How to bid for leads accordingly

 Understand your options before you pay for advertising.  Decide which method will provide the greatest reach.

 Each retargeting (also known as remarketing) service allow different methods of reaching your targeted audience.

Google Adwords offers these 2 options:

    *  Target & Bid: Search ads are visible on the RLSA (remarketing list for search ads).  A more generic option choosing new keywords.

    *   Bid Only:  Optimizes bids by locating visitors more likely to convert by using existing/specific keywords they already responded to on your website.


7.  Keyword Research

 Another elemental component of a successful sales campaign.

 Every search engine works with a different algorithm designed to drive us crazy no doubt.

Leaving it essential for you to do your keyword research on each channel.   On any given channel be specific.  If you are selling “Ruby Red Slippers”, you cannot simply use the keyword “slippers”.  You will end up paying for clicks from customers looking for ballet slippers, or house slippers, or even bath tub mats!

8.   Segment your target customers

    Take advantage of the option to distinguish between your audience and their impulses.

    It is more logical to remarket to someone who made it as far as the shopping cart before they left your website.

    A different approach would be feasible for each of these groups.

    The tire kicking window shoppers need help deciding, even though the fact they are looking and contemplating exposes their desire.

9.   Email

 Everything leads back to email.

Email will always be an essential part of any online marketers repertoire.

All top entrepreneurs value their email list over any other venue of customer contact.

 Your subscribers are on your list due to the offer they found you with.  Therefore, strategically speaking they are more likely to be interested in a similar offer.  Which for a marketer is preferable to throwing the offer out to a cold market.

 Retargeting to your email list can generate nearly four times more revenue and 18 time greater net profits.

10.  Is Retargeting right for your Industry?

    Retargeting may not work will all businesses.

    It will work for a dentist, but maybe not so much for a divorce attorney.

    To find out if it will work for you refer to #4.  Start small and test.  Be sure to give it a fair chance.  You don’t want to stop too soon.  Or you will  be like the guy in the image below!



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