12 Mindsets Internet Marketers Must Live By


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Internet marketing can be overwhelming at times.

If you’ve found yourself frustrated and confused you would benefit from changing your mindset.

I know, I know, I was skeptical when I first heard about it.  Especially being one who deals with what seems like the logical thing to do.  (No, I’m not a trekkie).  

I was listening to a speaker go on about mindset and I thought to myself, bah, something works or it doesn’t.  Be logical.  Well, I had paid to be at that event and they are the experts so, I decided to be open minded and listen.  The more I heard the more sense it made.  

ah haMindset is logical!  

I had an “ah-ha” moment.  I realized I was so alone in my little shell of “marketing online” that if I didn’t take some outside advice I would never move forward toward my goals of becoming proficient at what I was doing.

Have you ever been so set in your own mind of how things should be done you had a hard time changing?

If that’s you, Let’s see if I can change your mind….

Consider this, if you use SEO in your marketing what do you do when google changes their algorithm?  They do, and you have to change with it right?  So, why not better your outlook on the big picture by changing your mind set?

Is what you’re doing now working so well?


Let’s take a look at 12 mindsets you should commit to:


Get Uncomfortable!  

Get out of your comfort zone.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.  There are aspects of marketing online that might seem unreachable for you.  Perhaps you’re like me and not good at making videos.  Pick the one marketing step that is your biggest challenge and conquer it.  Do it over and over until it is like riding a bike.  (You probably had to practice that a little bit before the training wheels came off, right?)  In this case practice doesn’t have to be perfect.  It just need to be good enough!


Live your life like you already reached your goal.  

Don’t go out and buy a new car!  Have confidence in yourself that you are where you want to be in your life.  That confidence comes through.   Imagine getting on the subway, you see a homeless man on the sidewalk, then you see a man on the train wearing a suit, holding a briefcase, which man appears to have more confidence?  No offense to the homeless guy, but confidence is sexy.


Live in the light and do not let negativity influence you.

Not to get all new-agey on you, but…

You’ve seen the cartoon with a guy that has an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.  That devil likes to plant his seed of darkness that tends to grow and block out the light if we don’t keep it out.  So don’t let it in to begin with.  When you start having negative thoughts it’s time to step back, take a deep breath.  Think about puppies and rainbows and start over.


What you think about you matters, not what others think about you.

Never let the opinions of others dictate your behavior.  Be true to yourself.  If it is in the form of constructive criticism, by all means consider it.  Do not take to heart the uninformed comments spewed by blithering naysayers.

Be Honest…

to yourself and others.  Honesty IS the best policy.  Unless you’re a used car salesman, your body language will reveal if you are being truthful.  It’s in our nature to lie when we think we’ll get in trouble for something.  That’s what some children do.  At some point in your life you mature and realize the value of honesty.  I don’t care to deal with someone who comes across as phony.


Believe in what you are doing, or nobody else will.  

Having belief in your product or service that you offer that will amplify your sales.  People can tell if you are just pushing someone else’s product or if you truly have faith in it yourself.  Make a conscience choice to be transparent in your actions.  They will speak louder than your words.


Information overload can harm you.

The need to continue to educate yourself should not override the application of that knowledge!  Stop and take action on what you learn.  When is enough enough?  When you have learned something, stop and implement that training, make it work for you.  Otherwise, you will always be in search of more knowledge.



Clarity can sometimes be an abused term when dealing with marketing training organizations.  They will supply out with all the training and software, but not the actual steps to implement them.  If you cannot receive clarity on issues you are unsure about you will forever flounder in that area.  Do your research or find a supportive group in the area you are struggling in and ask for help!  Get clarity!



Multi tasking in some areas of our life is a necessary evil.  When it comes to working online you must be able to FOCUS.  Focus on the task at hand.  Focus on your schedule.  Focus on your goal.  Some find it helpful to set a timer for certain tasks.  Such as social networking.  Allow only a certain amount of time on social sites per day.  Otherwise you can waste precious hours watching funny cat videos.   I know, because I watched a cute kitty video the other day.


Be social

Be active on social networking sites.  You will make like minded friends and it will open the door to many opportunities.  Watch what others whom you admire, do on those sites and follow their lead.   Join groups and communities, they are often a source of valuable insight.  When it comes to social sites you must completely transform your mindset.  It is no longer for just contacting friends and family.  It is a useful networking tool.


Failures are feedback

Learn from your mistakes, don’t let them get you down, this is your opportunity to improve.
When something doesn’t work, that is the perfect opportunity to find out why and fix it.  Don’t consider a failure a mistake, look at it as an experiment. Now put your lab coat on and go reconfigure it.


Leverage experts

You must be willing to learn from the experts and do as they do if you want to have a fraction of their success.  They got where they are at due to their strategies.  It stand to reason we should follow their leadership.  They have blazed the trail for you, so why would you want to take your own path when you know theirs will get you where you want to be?  Once you reach your goal you will have the luxury of blazing new trails.  To reach your final destination it would be logical to take the straightest path to success!


As hard as it can be to release our current mindset of outdated beliefs, it can be likened to “when one door closes another door opens”.   This new door is your portal to the rest of your life as you want it to be.   Step in.





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