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google_hangouts1. Google Hangouts

  Hangouts can be used as a content marketing tool. It allows you to create and share relevant content in your industry. You can share relevant content with your users and customers, on topics they will find useful. You just set up a Google Hangouts meeting and invite your followers and customers to attend. That helps you establish yourself as a subject matter expert, which introduces your business to a broader range of customers who would otherwise not have found you. You can also hold limited seat webinars on relevant topics in your niche or industry, helping you cement your reputation as an expert in the space.  With the addition of Hangouts on Air you can record your hangout and upload it to YouTube.


2. Google Trendsgoogle_trends_blog

Compare the world’s interest in your favorite topics with Google Trends, now combined with Google Insights. See and compare visually how often different topics have been searched on Google over time. Google Trends also shows how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and in which geographic regions people have searched for them most.

There are many uses this research can assist with such as relevant article creations, blog posts, creating engaging facebook posts.


3. Jingjing

Jing is absolutely free and the ease of use is amazing. It provides free online storage from Screencast and unlimited image and video capture powers.  The video capture is limited to 5 minutes on the free version. Jing is different from all other screen-capture softwares as it is designed to share images and movies with people quickly and easily while chatting or emailing, to help you get a point across. Using Jing to record a video screenshot is simple and straightforward. Capture anything on your screen as a static image or a movie, then save it or store it on TechSmith’s free 2 GB of server space (hosted at Screencast.com). It allows you to easily add text, arrows or highlight sections of your screen capture. This is a great feature for marketers wanting to add notes on top of images or text, or want to indicate something to their audience.


4. Fotor fotor

Fotor Photo Editor comes loaded with tools for every essential editing need, plus tilt-shift, 13 unique 1-tap enhance options, over 60 effects/30 frames, RAW support, built-in sharing, and high-resolution saving. Collage away. Pick from 60 different templates or customize one, and choose from 16 backgrounds. Upload up to 30 photos to mix and match. Finish off your masterpiece with the border color or pattern that catches your eye. Fotor’s state-of-the-art photo processing engine makes it easy to process high quality photos quickly. Adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, white balance, and saturation, sharpen/blur, vignette, highlights & shadows. “Scenes” offers 13 enhance options preconfigured for various photo capture conditions. Effects & Borders stretches your creativity further with Fotor’s huge palette of effects and borders. Batch Processing lets you make short work of large numbers of photos. Apply effects and frames with just one click, instead of having to do it to each photo. .



5. Audacityaudacity

Audacity is a free, open source audio editor used to create podcasts or accompany your powerpoint presentations.. It is good at what is does, which is perform basic audio editing and format transfers in an intuitive way that many beginners have no trouble understanding.


follow.net6. Follow.net

Competitive Intellegence Software

Follow.net makes it easy to know everything your competitors are doing online. With 1-Click you instantly get valuable actionable insights compiled from Social, SEO, SEM, Display, Video, Affiliate, Email and Mobile Channels into one convenient report.



7. Simpleologysimpleology

Simpleology is a free online organizational course and software to help you accomplish more in less time, by overcoming procrastination while dealing with self sabotage.

A very simple method to schedule your time around your goals and keep you accountable for both your required activities and accomplishments.

Simpleology offers real, simple and effective method to acquire good habits in all aspects of your life.

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