Are beginners at a disadvantage?


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Being a beginner is actually a good thing….

Most people think being a “beginner” they are at a disadvantage…

The opposite is true.

As a beginner, your don’t have to “unlearn” habits that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

And that’s not an easy thing to do.  (Just ask anyone who’s ever tried to quit smoking).

Take learning to walk for instance,  you didn’t just get up and do it.  If you had good parents they helped you and encouraged you to walk, and probably even held you up and helped you take your first steps.  (because that’s what good parents/teachers do).

However, if you had lousy parents they let you crawl around for a couple years in front of the tv just hoping you’d learn on your own.

That’s why it’s so important to follow the right type of people when first learning this whole make money online thing.  Not all teachers out there really care about your success.  Some could care less if you ever make any money at all.  As long as you continue to give them money, they are happy to keep feeding off of your dreams and venver really giving you anything concrete that will actually  get you the results you are looking for.

But as bad as that is, not all teachers are like that.

Some teachers actually consider you (and treat you like) friends when you invest in their products.  Those are the type of teachers you want to seek out…ESPECIALLY in the beginning!  (otherwise you’ll end up floundering around and spending countless hours and dollars on a dream that never comes to fruition.)

So if you’re feeling frustrated, know this…..

There ARE people that want to help you succeed.  I know because I’ve seen it first hand.  You don’t have to struggle through learning internet marketing on your own.

I am also here to help you in any way I can.  Just let me know, OK?

Let me ask you a question?

How familiar are you with the “Internet Lingo”?

If you’re like most people starting out, there is still al lot of stuff that seems a bit foreign to you.  I ran across a poerful free resource that may help you clear things up a bit.

Click the link below to access it.

Read it and bookmark it so you can refer to in the future.

Click HERE to learn how to Bookmark a website.

You will be glad you have this site about internet jargon, because when I started doing my thing on the web, I felt like I was learning a new language.

Not just the words,   I might as well have been in kindergarten trying to read Shakespeare for the first time.  And I’m not talking about Romeo and Juliet!

Learning the terminology of Internet marketing will make things much easier on you going forward.

Click here to read up on the lingo of an internet marketer. and I’ll check in with you again.  Soon.

Sandy Armstrong

P.S. Click HERE for a sneak peek into the back office!



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