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Do you struggle with content creation for your blog?

I’m often asked how I find things to write about on my blog.

snoopy-writingI have to admit when I first got started, I struggled with deciding what to write.

I often thought I had to write the next great American novel. I put way too much pressure on myself to create the perfect article.

Once I quit beating myself up about the quality of my articulation, it started getting easier to just write.
After all,  My purpose is to give value to my readers.

After many hours of research on content creation I have developed a strategy that I follow and it makes blog posting simple.  Even if my articles are not gonna show up on the bestseller list.  🙂

Here are some ideas to decide what to write about:

  • Answer questions readers in your niche might have
  • Trends in your niche
  • Offers in your niche
  • Leverage leaders in your niche
  • Find guest bloggers
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Solve problems in your niche your readers might have. (How to place a simple ad in fb)
  • Events to attend
  • Benefits of belonging to a group/forum. (a benefit for you as a blogger belonging to a group would be using questions/answers and ideas posted in the group for blog posts)
  • Anything you have experienced on your entrepreneurial journey that others need to know.
  • Simply offer motivation and support
  • Infographs
  • Tell a story.  Turn an event or encounter or experience  into a metaphor, with a learning experience.


Once you’ve chosen your topic do a search on the idea,  read a few articles, make some bullet points.

Write it in your own words.

Include a quote or link that would benefit the reader.

Upon completion of your blog post you should send an email to your list, informing them of the new information available.

Post in groups or on sites that could benefit from your post and let them know you have shared this information on your blog.  Send them to the link.

Submit your article to an article submission site.

There are many such sites, just search “article submission sites”.

Press Release

Sign up with a service that will blast your article to your intended audience.

 Include images to enhance the look and feel of your post.


  • Topic
  • Research
  • Write it (with your own personal twist)
  • Publish

Practice may not make it perfect, it just makes it a whole lot easier!


This Blog post was inspired by my wonderful friend Cindy Quinley

Check out her blog here:


If you still feel stuck get on my coaching program and I will help you get unstuck!

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