Create a KILLER Sales Letter


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Create a KILLER Sales Letter 

Engage your audience.


The “secret” to more sales is as simple as understanding consumer behavior..
… your research on your audience (AVATAR)

  • A  sales letter is always about the reader.

A good sales letter should acknowledge the fact, at some point,  that the business owes everything to its customers. It doesn’t ramble on about how great its profit margins are but humbly admits that it owes its success to its loyal customers.

Outlined below are the key fundamental components of a KILLER sales letter.



Captivate Your Audience with  an Attention Grabbing Headline

The headline should catch your reader’s eye and make them sit up and say “WOW!  I need to know more about this!”

(HEY!  YOU!  Did you just try to click on “Captivate Your Audience with an Attention Grabbing Headline”? If you did, I guess it got your attention, BUT, it isn’t a link :-), this time.)
It’s never a good idea to be tricky.  If you want to make your Headline a link you should do testing to see how well such a tactic would be received by your audience for your niche.



The sub headline should support and re-iterate your headline giving your visitor more reasons to continue reading.



Create an irresistible offer.  

Unleash the power of your pen to write spellbinding ad copy that will earn you a fortune and give you the ability to sell on a level you never dreamed possible.

Learn how to reach them in their core need center.  Shock them by addressing  their concerns upfront surrounding the purchase and dismiss those doubts with well researched information and examples.

Describe the benefits of your offer in such a way they begin to see that they must have it.  Then tell them why they must have it, as that is now what they are thinking.  Because right now they are in the emotional stage, explain how your product can fulfill that emotional need.  Then take them to the next level of why buying your product it is the logical thing to do.  At this point justify the purchase in their mind describing the benefits again using different but equally compelling descriptions.



Connect with them on an emotional level and then justify the logical need for your product or service. (as described above). They will at this point conclude for themselves that purchasing your product will improve the quality of their situation.



The reader is now thinking can I justify this purchase?  Raise the issue for them, describe the benefits in such a manner that it dismisses the doubts.  Give your reader every reason to believe that the emotional decision to buy is backed by logic.  If worded properly it would be logical to conclude your product is better than other similar products.  Especially if your offer is better priced with a money back guarantee.



Honesty is a key component in your sales letter.  If you come across as unbelievable at any point the reader will tune out.  You have lost them forever.  Belief in your product or service should come across in your script naturally and automatically when you describe it.  Write about your product or service as you would your first love.  Remember falling in love for the first time?  Your heart was so full and happiness nothing else in the world mattered.  You were on top of the world with that ethereal emotion enveloping your every waking moment.  When true raw emotion is manifested through your articulation of the written word, magic happens.



Install a sense of limited availability.  Having a limited offer increases the likelihood of an immediate purchase.



Adding testimonials to your sales copy increases your credibility as an expert in your chosen niche.


Money back guarantee

You want the money-back guarantee to take away all of their worries. Tell them not to worry because they are not taking the risk, you are.


Post Script

Adding a  P.S.  doesn’t mean that you have deliberately forgotten to include something in the body of your sales letter but a postscript can be used to reiterate or emphasize one of the main points of your sales letter.

Case studies have shown that people often read the headlines and postscripts of letters first then use it as basis for deciding whether or not to continue reading the rest of the letter. Take advantage of this by making sure you’ve got something interesting to say in your postscript. It can be a repeated invitation or a declaration about the limited availability and the need to act NOW.  Give a CTA if one is not immediately visible at this point.


Lead Magnet

All sales funnels should offer a free incentive known as a lead magnet.  If you show you are willing to share a portion of your offer with your audience they are more likely to give you their business. (If they like your product :-)).

A lead magnet can be in many forms.  Such as a PDF file, video, audio, or book.  



A Good Sales Letter Doesn’t Take No for an Answer.

All sales letters end with a strong call for action, (CTA) or simply put, strong words of encouragement to purchase the product or service on offer. Add your offer url link with your wysiwyg editor to a few well placed Keywords in your document a couple of times.  Putting it in too many times will come across as needy and pushy.  Imagine yourself as the reader, how would you feel about seeing that?  Is it at a pivotal point?  Or do you insist they read more before obtaining the link to the offer?  All this can be determined with testing.

Always include a sense of urgency in your final call to action. “Click Here” is not a strong Call to Action because it gives them the option to come back later, if ever. “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” are stronger and will get you more immediate action.

Be sure to have a CTA “above the fold”.  (The term “above the fold” originated in the newspaper industry where the most important news and headlines were placed at top of the page, which would be visible when the papers were folded and stacked for sale. Putting a CTA “above the fold” on your site means placing it where it can be seen immediately without scrolling.)


Upsell-Sales-LetterVisual Stimulation

All well received Sales Letters are Visually Attractive.

A customer would feel more inclined to read a sales letter if it is pleasing to look at with style and graphics that showcase the product. Consider this: if you have two books talking about the same topic, which would you choose the one with ugly or beautiful cover and text?

  • Use bold headlines for each different section  
  • List your benefits with bullet points

Mix it up and make it easy to look at, never, never, ever just write one big paragraph!

Add a video and images to your page.  Although, keep in mind that adding too many images, particularly incongruent images can be harmful to good sales copy.  Testing will confirm the need of images proving a point.



Extensive testing is always necessary for optimum effectiveness.  Request feedback from your readers, use their comments to improve your ad.



My advice-

Check your emails for sales letters you received that prompted you to buy their product and craft your offer in that manner!  After all it got you to buy, you related to it on some level.  Sure, you need to relate to your audience on their level, but you must be able to be yourself and come across genuine on the page.  And, as much as we each think we are unique unto the world, we all share some of the same goals and desires.




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