Dealing with Depression as an Internet Marketer

Dealing with Depression as an Internet Marketer

Depression is no longer a taboo topic.

Depression is a common denominator among many demographics, and perhaps more prevalent with internet marketers than you would imagine.

Many of the top marketers share their struggles to let you know you are not alone.  Others have struggled with depression and prove there is hope for recovery.

Many online marketers claim depression due to losing everything, being broke, homeless, bankrupt, which spurred them into the upward spiral of success due to “nothing to lose”.

Having “nothing to lose” is a great motivator, for those who are not overly debilitated by depression.

Depression can be hereditary, due to a chemical imbalance or brought on by many things, hitting rock bottom, prolonged sadness, anger issues, abuse, stress…..

There can be many contributing factors that lead to depression.

Sometimes you just feel sad, very very sad.   And some of those times you have nobody to talk to that will just listen and more importantly understand. (Find someone to talk to)

Even through those hard times you might make a joke to cope so no one knows how you are really feeling inside. (Coping mechanism)

The MOST IMPORTANT thing to know about depression is THERE IS HELP. and you are not alone.

For most people suffering from depression they think they are the only one in the world that feels the way they do.

That is simply not true.  Once you reach out for help you will find others with very similar thoughts and feelings.

If you or someone you know suffers from depression I encourage you to find help.  Talk to your doctor and they will set you on the path to recovery.

To let you know you’re not alone, and help encourage you to follow your online dream I’ve listed a few internet marketers who persisted in their desire to become successful entrepreneurs.

If you’re dealing with depression as an internet marketer here’s some stories that top leaders in the industry have shared.


Dealing with depression as an internet marketerRAND FISHKIN – sep 19, 2014
“Depression is why, in the last 18 months, I blogged the least I have since starting my career. It’s almost certainly part of why my engagement in all sorts of things has suffered. It’s why I could hardly bear to be away from Geraldine for more than a day or two at at time. And, it’s a big part of why I stepped down as Moz’s CEO.
That depression, I believe, stems from shame. I was and remain, ashamed of myself due to a series of wholly avoidable missteps I made at Moz. Brad likes to say that every company he and the Foundry team have ever invested in go through tough times and most have near-death experiences before they emerge into their mature form. Even with my darkest lenses on, I can’t say that Moz was ever “near-death” in the past couple years. But I can say that we – that I – made dumb move after dumb move, and when those moves revealed themselves to be dumb, I pushed us to double-down on them, compounding our problems. By sharing that story I hope to, as I’ve done in posts like this before, offload my pain through transparency and, hopefully, help save a few of you reading this post from making the same mistakes.”

Dealing with depression as an internet marketerKarri Dalton-Hull
“My name is Karri and for years I suffered from severe depression brought on by Internet Marketing among other things.

If you are a struggling online marketer I implore you to take a few minutes to listen to my story. There is a good chance you may hear your own…..”

Find Karri’s story here:

Dealing with depression as an internet marketerMatt Lloyd –
“Before this, I had my ups and downs financially. I’ve always been careful with my money… but, a few times, I came really close to being broke. Especially in those first 2 years online – I was just buying everything… and didn’t have any solid direction.
MOBE has given me purpose. I don’t usually talk about it, but, for a number of years I was prone to depression – I went through phases where I was on the medication, which I hated, and I was seeing shrinks.
I guess being an entrepreneur in a world full of job-minded people, you don’t always fit in.”

Find out more about Matt here:


Dealing with depression as an internet marketerFeb 18 2010 Published by Kat
When I was deep in depression, I knew what was wrong in my life and what would make me happy, but I was afraid to make changes.
At the time, I was trapped in a dysfunctional marriage. For outsiders, my life looked perfect. I tried to put up an ‘I am OK’ show every time I could, but I was wilting inside, descending deeper and deeper into my ‘black hole’. I knew how many people would get upset, stressed and worried, if I was to walk out of this marriage. I felt very guilty.
Being depressed kept me static and inert. I created a kind of personal ‘paralysis’, which prevented me from taking actions. Being depressed diverted my attention from the issues I had to resolve.
My inner conflict went on for years, finally culminating in a nervous breakdown in 2003. Did I need to go so far?


Matt Hoverson

 The Story Of Mark Hoverson, He Drank Himself To Sleep Every Night, Now He’s A Millionaire

If you are struggling with depression I encourage you to get help.

If you know someone who you suspect is struggling with depression, please share this post with them and encourage them to get help.


I’d like to issue a challenge to you right now, to take that first step out of your comfort zone and leave a comment!








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