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If email is dead, why is my inbox so full?

That’s right, email was, is and will be the most valuable communication tool in our digital resource realm.

Of those trying to convince us email is dead, they’re the ones selling a new seo or similar product. I guarantee when you buy their product you will give them your email address so that they can market to you in the future!  You also access their support through email.

Email marketing can be profitable, as long as your list is built properly with individuals who truly want to get your information and you treat them with respect.   To have that relationship with a “subscriber” is an honor.  Especially in today’s fast paced world.   Besides providing them the service or product they signed up for, show your list you care about them by offering value with honesty and integrity.

Due to misuse and spamming in the past, it’s no longer easy to get into someone’s inbox.   One wrong word and it goes right to spam.  

Whitelist addresses you want to show up in your inbox. (Learn how here:

Social media platforms are thought to be the popular choice for keeping connected. Which might explain the plethora of choices available. New social sites are launched constantly, some even become popular.

Social media is just not an adequate replacement for our virtual contact cohort .

Statistics reveal:

Over 87 Billion emails are created daily around the world!

94 % of Americans aged 12 years old and up use email regularly, with 58% of them checking their email first thing in the morning.

72% of businesses have adopted some form of social media technology. Of those companies they still have 9-5 employees who spend over 2000 hours annually reading and answering emails.   Those statistics are astounding considering a 40 hour work week totals 2080 hours in a year.

Despite the multitude of communication options available, Email is still very much alive and well.

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