How to be a leader

How to be a Leader


Stand for something.

Don’t be wishy washy, you can’t please everyone.
Be transparent about your purpose.

Tell your story.

Those that relate to you will join you.

Share life events that have brought you to where you are.  People will relate to you that have experienced similar circumstances and feel more of a connection with you.

Give value

When you offer value, you give people a reason to know, like and trust you.

Whatever niche you are in, as an internet marketer you want to give people a reason to listen to your and value your advice and opinion.

Give solutions

Share your knowledge and experiences that have lead to your success.

Providing answers to problems leads to a trusting bond.


Don’t be shy,

just start leading,

like this guy:

First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy


Never bad mouth your competition!

Leverage them!

Cyber bullying backfired

Sean O’Brien, aka The Dancing Man


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