How to think like an Entrepreneur!


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How to think like an Entrepreneur!




Next time you attend a webinar….

analyze the presentation

There’s many components to a webinar beyond the…

  • Intro
  • Content
  • Close

Presentation slides need to engage your audience, there are subtle steps you can take that will help them engage.




Next time you make an online purchase..

Pay attention the ad that made you want to buy, what did it say to convince you?

What was the image?

Analyze the whole sales funnel procedure,



  • Upsell,
  • Downsale,
  • OTO (one time offer)
  • Scarcity
  • Bonus offer,
  • Free download,

Where did each page send you to?

What was the overall process that convinced you to buy from that particular advertisement?


The way to benefit from leaders in the industry is to follow their lead.  That includes much more than purchasing their product.

I’m not saying don’t buy their product or offer if it will help you, I’m saying analyze and recreate their process of presentation.

Once you are in entrepreneur mode,
you must see every thing out side the box, read between the lines, and whatever other innovative cliché you can think of….



Put your entrepreneur hat on and take action!

How to think like an Entrepreneur…

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