I would like to introduce you to Eddie Aguilar


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I would like to introduce you to Eddie Aguilar.

Currently working in the construction field as his day j.o.b., Eddie spends many evenings and weekends coaching baseball.

When he’s not coaching baseball he dedicates himself to the production of his passion, Mindset Mountain.   With the aspiration to help others realize the power of mindset,  he partnered with his friend (Jason Legaard), who shares his vision and together they stand strong delivering their message to those who need it most.

Eddie’s exuberance for life and desire to help others is apparent in the fact he used to be a Hotshot Fire Fighter.
He and his comrades are seasoned veterans of fighting forest fires, but that didn’t lessen the devastation of loosing so many friends to the overwhelming accident who died tragically battling a wildfire in  Yarnell AZ , June of 2013.   This horrible disaster claimed the lives of 19 brave souls when a 100 foot tall wall of fire looped around and blocked their path.  The air attack did not arrive in time.

Eddie has been asked to speak at many different venues relating to suicide and it’s various repercussions.
As a teenager in high school he had the misfortune of loosing his beloved cousin to suicide.  Instead of taking the common choice of falling into depression, he fought through and took his high school football team to the championships in honor of his cousin.   It went on from there, with his huge circle of family, friends and connections he has experienced the effect of suicide on other occasions.  With his special insight for dealing with these situations he is a much in demand speaker and coach in this field no one wants to talk about.

*My take away…one reason mindset is so important, it assists in enabling you to have the confidence to make the right choice.

Eddie is the perfect person to talk to about mindset, everyday his desire to empower others to achieve their dream goals is evident in his actions.    He emerges strong through tragedy when so many of us would falter.  He understands the need to persevere.

Can you imagine emerging through adversity with the inner power to make life better?  To enjoy the moment?  To have appreciation and gratitude for what you already have in your life?  To recognize the wonderful things you do have in your life?

Do we need to become hot shot fire fighters to get to that mindset?

No, just spend a few minutes watching Climbing the Mindset Mountain.

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