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 Meet J-Boom

I’d like to introduce you to Jason (J-Boom) Legaard.

I  heard Jason speak at the last event I went to and I actually got tears in my eyes. 


He is very passionate about his mission in life.  

So, I asked him for some more details that brought him to finding his purpose. 

This is what he sent me.  It is so poignant and direct, I wanted to share it with you.

Gratitude is the Attitude that gives our dreams Altitude!!! Inspirational speaker, internet marketer, fedora fanatic, karaoke krusher and Boom Bringer!

Okay…so that would be the short and sweet version. Let me get into a little more depth as to who I am and my journey.
Let the Boom Begin.

I was born in Minneapolis, MN but grew up in a small town in Fortuna, North Dakota. Wait..let me rephrase that…a VERY SMALL TOWN. How small you may ask? I’m talking 100 people in the town at its peak many years ago. These days my hometown has a little over 30 people in it. Granted, we are a rural farming community so there are folks who live outside the city limits…but the town itself only about 30. Why do I start with this bit of info? To make the point right out the gate that it makes no difference where you come from in this world. Small town America or New York City…it doesn’t matter. What matters is….YOU.

So I grew up with a pretty normal childhood. Two incredible parents, Spencer and Judy, who raised me to know honor, respect, hard ass work and also having tons of fun.

I worked my butt off in school to get great grades, student council president, national honor society…all that good stuff you know?

As far as fun times, tons of it. GI Joe and Star Wars battles in the dirt, riding motorcycles, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, constantly watching Bruce Lee and Van Damme movies(mom even knows Bruce Lee quotes by heart haha), lifting weights, playing basketball (my favorite sport even though being 5’7, having slow foot speed and no vertical leap made it challenging), fishing, hunting, reading, creative writing, video games (oh the days of Atari) and competing in target shooting competitions.

Okay…so maybe not normal…but still pretty awesome!

At the end of my high school years, I even applied to the Air Force Academy. Why? The movie Top Gun baby! I know…seems corny right? But hey Tom Cruise seemed to be having a lot of fun in that movie so pilot I was to be. I even was able to receive one of only two nominations for our state that year and was on my way. But…my math scores didn’t quite make the grade so that was that. But I am forever grateful for that adventure…it pushed me to new limits and showed me I was capable of a lot more.

Next step of course was college. I attended North Dakota State University and graduated with Bachelor’s Degrees in Speech and Mass Communications.(Perfect for a blabber mouth like me.) I relaxed for a bit after school and then headed off to Arizona to start the next phase of my life journey. My best friend in the world Derek already lived there and so I figured why not? As I made that long drive across country, something started to burn deep inside of me. I couldn’t explain what it was…but something had been lit up. Little did I know it was the virus called Entrepreneur Lifestyle.

Over the years I had many different jobs. Gym membership sales, telemarketing for various companies, manual labor side jobs and mortgage customer service. Eventually, I helped my best friend start a lawn maintenance company. I have a full time job and I am a full time entrepreneur. How did that happen you might be asking? It started one night while I was cruising around the internet.

I came across this little Facebook ad called Jonathan Budd’s Unstoppable Entrepreneur. I clicked on the ad and began watching the videos. Within the first 5 minutes, I knew this was what I had been searching for my whole life and I didn’t even know it. So I bought my ticket, scrambled the cash and spent 4 amazing days in San Diego.
My life purpose and true version of myself was resurrected. I was to be an inspirational speaker and information marketer. I would help show every blue collar worker out there that there is a shot at something different.

A shot at a lifestyle that meant less stress, more time with family and friends, far less hours of back breaking manual labor and heaven forbid..FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

As I left San Diego…J-Boom was born.

I began putting in the intense work of becoming an entrepreneur. Lots of learning, training, reading, writing, videos etc. While in San Diego, I met my first coach in Mariza Westerman. I dug deeper and deeper into myself to reveal the leader I was to become for others seeking a chance at something different. Who would’ve thought so much could come from Mariza dropping that nickname J-Boom on me while at the event.

And now, here I am today sharing my story with you.

Today, I have developed a brand that is recognized worldwide. People in Australia, UK, The Netherlands, Canada and all over the United States follow J-Boom and seek out his fedoras!

I have been blessed to develop friendships and network with some of the top leaders and earners of internet and network marketing. Wonderful people like Jonathan Budd, Justin Glover, Mark Hoverson(fellow North Dakota fella), Aaron Fortner, Jim Bunch, Vince Reed, Pamela Herrmann, Greg Gomez III, Ray Higdon, Brenda Gagne, Clifton and Ashley Morris Hatfield, Kimball Roundy, Diane Hochman, Mia Davies and so many others.

I am building my business online daily through my unique videos and marketing from a place of complete gratitude. You see…Gratitude is where everything changed for me.

For when I developed and embraced an Attitude of Gratitude…for all of my journey…the world shifted.

Now that gratitude is opening door after door of blessings and opportunity. And every day, I just keep walking though those doors with a huge smile.

You see…I’m just a guy from a tiny little town called Fortuna, ND.

But I never stopped searching for what I was here on this Earth to do. I never stopped searching for my life vision…even when I was struggling or facing immense challenges.

I never stopped giving thanks for all of it.

For every part of my journey has set my course of success.

Every step led me to right here.

To you.

I am going to BRING THE BOOM for the rest of my life. I am here to help you do the same.

I want to leave you with this quote I heard on an audio course from Dr. Wayne Dyer. It sums up perfectly my life philosophy and how I embrace my truth.

“If you can’t see God EVERYWHERE…you can’t see Him ANYWHERE.!~ Rumi.

Gratitude is the Attitude that gives our dreams Altitude!!!

Jason “J-Boom” Legaard

As you can see, Jason has learned from his life’s experience what his true passion is.

To help others.

He took the step so many marketers don’t do!  He reached out to leaders in the industry for advice on harnessing his desire and find a way to implement it.

As he mentioned, it was through having a coach that “J-Boom” was born.  That assisted in getting himself clear on how to share his vision and help others recognize their own inner potential.

Which leads us to one of his lastest accomplishments, J-Boom is co founder of  “Climbing the Mindset Mountain“.  An inspirational video outlining the importance of mindset and the steps you must take to reach the level of mindset that will help you to live a happy productive life.

Get your own copy of “Climbing the Mindset Mountain“, and you will see how this kid from a small town transformed into a powerful speaker/coach/entrepreneur!

Find Jason on Facebook –

me and jason


The power of coaching played a big part in Jason’s entrepreneur journey.

When you decide to invest in yourself, and follow your dreams……

Apply for my coaching program here >>>Coaching with Sandy<<<




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