Meet Merna Dwyer



I’d like to introduce you to Merna Dwyer.

Merna calls Toowoomba, Australia, home.

For 18 yrs Merna worked full time helping people transition
from bad situations to better, dedicating any spare time she
had from raising her 2 young boys alone to learning about
mindset, and what keeps people stuck.

Finally getting burnt out from working, giving 150% to teach people
to dream of a bigger, better life, a different life.   Merna
discovered that the skills she used to help people expand their
thinking and explore opportunities would also assist those
seeking a different life online.

For the last 6 years Merna has been a full time successful internet marketer.

While focusing on growing her business teaching people to
Do Life Differently, ( she
discovered a creative visual flair which lead to learning and
teaching about creative ways to drive traffic to your online
business offers.

I reached out to Merna to share some of her expertise with you.

Below is a video and detailed post on
How to Use Pinterest to Grow your Business.

I’m grateful you are here reading this post and want to make sure you become aware of Merna Dwyer as she is someone to follow and learn from!

Doing Life Differently….Merna Dwyer

Working online has changed my life and given me so many
unexpected results.

One of the unexpected results I have had was meeting Sandy
at an Event (get to events) in the States. Sandy was at that
event and it has been inspirational watching her knowledge
and business grow online.

Like Sandy, when I began, all I was looking for was a way to
supplement my income, you know, an easy way to make extra

Well, the results have been unexpected, not financially, but in
many other areas of my life. My belief in self and others has
shifted to realize that we have unlimited potential, should we
chose to tap into it.

One of the ways I have explored tapping into my potential has
been by discovering that I actually am a creative person and
enjoy making videos, designing quotes and pictures and then
sharing them with the world to drive people to my blog.

I’ve dabbled in many different ways to get my message out
there, but I discovered that I really enjoy visual methods like
Instagram, Slideshare, and Pinterest to name a few of the
larger ones.

Sharing my thoughts was the fun part and I use Pinterest to
do this because, well, it’s visual, its quick and its just plain
easy to do.

Here’s a 10 min video detailing Why Pinterest is the best to
use and How to Use it to Grow Your Business.


Pinterest is the 4th largest driver of traffic to content
It has more than 70 million users
90% of Social Media shares come from Pinterest.

People browse for an average of 14.2 minutes..

There are many more facts in the video so go watch it now to
learn how to use it to grow your business too.



I’d like to thank Merna for sharing her expertise with us.

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