PUSH vs PULL Marketing Techniques


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Don’t let all the different marketing terms confuse you.

Marketing methods may be called by several different names but there are 2 basic types.


Push Marketing and Pull Marketing


Imagine you go to your local market for a loaf of bread.    This is pull marketing,  you chose to go to that store because you like their selection of breads.  

When you walk in you notice a new shelf full of freshly cut flowers and realize they would look great as a centerpiece on  your dining room table.  You put them in your basket.  That little impulse buy right there is the result of push marketing.  That offer was put in front of you and you chose to take it.

For internet marketers push marketing is much more complex.  You must know your target (Avatar) and advertise to the correct demographics.   

 Just paying google to show your offer to the general public would be like paying to rub an oil lamp and expecting a genie to come out.



You can however employ push marketing on your pull marketing strategy if you have your sales funnel set up correctly. 




Here’s a few examples of the difference between Push marketing and Pull marketing:


Push Marketing  

(Also known as: Interruption marketing/Tactical marketing/ Outbound marketing)


  • Paid advertising
  • facebook ppc
  • Twitter PPC
  • Pinterest
  • Bing/yahoo PPC
  • Solo ads
  • Banner ads
  • Classified ads
  • Amazon
  • Ebay


Basically any paid advertising platform.  You determine who you wish to market to, construct your offer and pay the advertiser of your choice to have it shown to potential customers.


Pull Marketing

(Also known as: Attraction marketing/Organic marketing/Branding/Strategic marketing/Inbound marketing)

  • Blogging
  • Article writing
  • Keyword research
  • You tube video creation
  • Podcasting


Activities that encourage your potential customer to seek you out.  You become the authority for a niche.  You build a relationship with your prospects.   When someone trusts your opinion they will look to you for advice on the product or offer they are interested in.


Whereas Push marketing leans toward the paid spectrum, pull marketing is well served by the organic reach.


Pay with time or pay with money.


Both methods require keyword research, avatar creation, goals, plan and a solid foundation.


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