Situational Awareness

For those who didn’t read the email, here’s a recap:   (Otherwise skip down for the answer!)

Several men were in a golf club locker room.

 A mobile phone rings.

 “Yes I can talk,” says the man answering the call, “You’re shopping  are you? That’s nice.”

 The listening men smile to each other.

 “You want to order those new carpets? Okay.. And they’ll include the curtains for an extra five thousand?.. Sure, why not?”

 More smiles among the listeners.

 “You want to book that week on Necker Island?.. They’re holding the  price at twenty-two thousand?.. Sounds a bargain.. You want a fortnight?.. If  that’s what you want honey, okay by me.”

 Smiles turn to expressions of mild envy.

 “And you want to give the builder the go-ahead for the new  conservatory? Seventy-five thousand if we say yes today? Sounds fair.. sure,  that’s fine.”

 The listeners exchange glances of amazement.

 “Okay sugar, see you later.. Yes, love you too,” says the man,  ending the call.

 He looks at the other men and says, “Whose phone is this anyhow?..”


What can we learn from this story?


The other men in the locker room ASSUMED it was his phone and his wife he was talking to.

  When we make assumptions based on observations with no facts we limit our own presence to any given situation.

The man took a position of AUTHORITY and put himself in CONTROL of the outcome of the situation.  

   Positioning himself as a leader.

When you position yourself as a leader demonstrating authority in control of a situation you are perceived as a leader.

   People assume you are who you are observed to be.

Modern communications and technology put us at a higher risk for identity theft.  

   To protect your privacy you must be diligent with your security procedures.
This is where what I like to call “situational awareness” comes in to play.

You and only you can safeguard against theft and fraud.  You don’t leave your car running and go inside to pay for fuel.  You safeguard your vehicle by turning the engine off and taking the keys with you.  

It’s now time to safeguard your online activities.   (Just ask SONY!).

  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • Use security software on your computer
  • Never open email attachments from someone you don’t know.
  • Lock your laptop and phone if they’re ever out of your site.
  • Clear your browser history, cache and cookies regularly.
  • Make sure you have a password required to log into your home wifi.  (Don’t let the kids share it).
  • Don’t’ give out too much personal information on social websites.  Monitor them frequently to see who is posting on your site.  I tell you this from experience:



For another perspective on “Situational Awareness” read this article written by Avital Zeisler, Founder The Soteria Method – for Women.

Situational Awareness: A Key to Your Safety

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