Social Media: Friend or Foe?


Self Improvement

You’ve seen the statistics of how many people are on social media networks.
You’ve seen how fast they are growing.
It’s easy to advertise on social media sites.
It’s time you admit to knowing the darkside of social media.
You know what I mean.
You log on Facebook and twitter upon turning on your computer for the day.
You leave the connection open.
You click on that screen everytime you hear a beep, just to see what’s new.

You are so subconsciously distracted by that beep you don’t get half your work done for the day. Each day gets darker and darker. Until one day you find yourself… the unemployment line. Wondering how you got there.

Wake up!

In the old old days, people would get up, go to work, do their job. Go home and then call their friends and family to see what’s up!

Whether you have a J.O.B. or you are an online grunt like me. Turn off that distraction. Turn off all distractions. But most importantly SOCIAL MEDIA.

I know people who do not even use social media sites. (I know, I am ancient). Although they do use email! (

So, tweet responsibly my friends.

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