The Oprah Effect


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Oprah didn’t start out as an authority figure.





         She earned it.


Coming from an abusive and disturbing childhood, she was able to turn her life around.

In college she excelled in communications and performing arts.

She was fortunate enough to sign on with a local television station as a reporter and anchor.

She continued to rise until she co-hosted her first talk show in 1976.  She found her niche.

In January 1984, she was invited to Chicago to host a faltering half-hour morning program on WLS-TV. In less than a year, she turned AM Chicago into the hottest show in town. The format was soon expanded to an hour, and in September 1985 it was renamed The Oprah Winfrey Show.

One year later the show went national and a star was born.

America fell in love with Oprah, so it wasn’t hard to get well known celebrities and guests on the show eventually.

She would interview industry powerhouses, thereby “leveraging leaders”.

By having all the information on what is important and interesting in the world in one place,  Oprah became the word on authority and became a leader in her own right.  By starting out leveraging other leaders.

Oprah turned unknowns into millionaires overnight.

rich dad poor dadTake the case of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki.  Robert Kiyosaki had 12 publishers  turn down his book.  So Robert self published his book.  At this point he needed a little get away and went to an island where there was limited cell reception.  He drove 30 minutes to get to an area where he could call his wife and check his messages.  Well, one day there was a message from his wife telling him that he was invited to be on the Oprah show to talk about his book.

During a commercial break Oprah turned to Robert and said “You’re Welcome, I just made you a millionaire”.

Oprah was the ultimate affiliate marketer.  When she gave away “gifts” to the audience, everyone watching at home decided they needed to go out and buy it also, well Oprah got commissions on sales from those products.  That’s one avenue leading to how she amassed her humongous fortune.

The Internet Marketing Niche has many Oprahs.  They are all the top earners.  They have the knowledge and expertise to share because they made success happen and can help you make it too.

The ability to get all the up to date information from someone you trust can be paramount to your success.  Not to mention saving you valuable time from researching and not knowing if what you find is accurate information or not.


No one is born a leader….
leaders are borne of following an example, then surpassing that and taking action to implement their knowledge and experience.


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  1. Andrea Goodsaid Says:

    Ahhh I love this!

    “You’re Welcome, I just made you a millionaire”

    And doh! of course she did JV deals with those giveaways – whodathunkit – makes total sense … how COMPLETELY smart smart.

    I got lightbulbs just-a-popping Sandy – thank you :))



  2. Sandy Armstrong Says:

    Well, what a great compliment! Thank You Andrea Goodsaid.


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