The Value of Free


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The word free can actually make you feel a positive emotion. You get happy. Yea, finally, Free!

Other times we see free and assume it has no value. In some cases that is definitely true. It’s probably akin to where the term “Can’t even give it away” came from.

Imagine you want to buy a motorcycle. You see one in the classified ads, for free. You think it’s your lucky day. You go to buy it. It is missing one tire. It had obviously been in a bad accident. It doesn’t run. Imagine how much money and time you would have to invest in it to get it running.

Not Free.

You are an internet marketer and found the secrets to free traffic. You spend countless hours attempting to gain the free traffic.

Not Free.

You are so jaded by these type of events related to the word free you no longer feel the joy the word used to convey.

Now, when you are online searching a subject and you are offered a free report, or a free video, you decide if it had any value, it would not be free.

Not True.

Often times these freebies are given to collect your email address, so that you will receive offers similar to your interest.

This is Free!

You get what you are looking for sent to you instead of you wasting your valuable time searching online for it.

After all there are millions of informational articles, videos, and reviews out there on the world wide web designed around your interest.

I don’t know about you, but my time is valuable to me. I would rather have information sent to me than to waste my time looking for it.

So, the next time someone says it’s free, take a second look.

Now, don’t get me started on Financial Freedom!


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