There’s Too Much Competition In My Niche!


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If you’ve chosen a niche that you think has flooded the market, think again.  That actually means that niche is in high demand.

Look at the dating sites, a new one is popping up all the time.

As of March 1, 2013 Online Dating Magazine estimates that there are more than 2,500 online dating services online in the U.S. alone, with 1,000 new online dating services opening every year. Some estimates say there are 8.000 competitors worldwide.

The best thing about a crowded market is the opportunity to find a sales campaign that is working and mimic it.

A good way to get around the large availability of your niche would be to consider making your site micro niche specific.  

pug tutu


Perhaps you sell tutus to small dogs.
Offer to Sell them to just pugs!



If you’re in the weight loss category you can narrow it down to focus on one demographic, ie women who just had a baby.  Or Paleo cookbooks.

Creating micro niche sites is a popular way to make money online.

The trick is finding a niche that will rank high on the search engines.

As long as your niche solves a problem for someone you will find a customer base.

If you pick a niche that is too narrow you are less likely to find your target audience online.  For example I seriously doubt you would ever find a buyer looking for knitted diapers for hummingbirds.  Although I could be wrong.   You would probably have a better reception if you offered to teach basket weaving on top of mount Everest.

Recently, likely due to the crowded market, more and more advertisers are using long tail keywords to gain a higher seo ranking.  Just be creative.  What would you type in the search bar to look for your offer?



Maybe you want to sell gorilla costumes.  You would not use the broad search term “Halloween costumes”.   You would narrow it down to “Gorilla costumes for men”, “Gorilla suit for men”  or even “dress up as Bigfoot”!



Check your keywords with the google keyword planner tool.


If you think there’s too much competition in your niche a coaching session would help you figure out how to jump ahead of the competition! 

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