Why do 95% of Internet Marketers fail?


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You’ve heard the statistics, 95% of internet marketers fail.

It’s a sad but true fact.

The number one reason is……. they quit!

Why do they quit?

Shiny Object syndrome:

They buy into scam software that promises instant cash, then get disappointed when it doesn’t turn their computer into an atm machine.


Business Management:

Unless you are experienced and educated in building a business, it is unwise to attempt it without basic knowledge.



Family and friends destroy your confidence.

What can you do to be in the TOP 5%?


You need to align yourself with a proven high ticket affiliate

(unless you have your own product to sell)


Join a group that can teach you how to build and scale your business. Find forum and social media groups of like-minded people to talk to .


Get a mentor.


Having a mentor is the number one thing you need to get off the ground.



Imagine the possibility to duplicate the process of a successful internet marketer.


My friend started out thinking small in the affiliate marketing business. Buying ads for offers that would bank $1.00 or less a click, if the prospect filled out the complete offer.   She was spending more on advertising than she could hope to recoup.

Always looking for a better way, she bought a few make money overnight promises that never delivered on their promise.

Finally things started to click.

Realizing an online education was essential, she accepted offers from so called coaches and gurus that left her with an abundance of knowledge. Knowledge alone without a plan on how to implement it is next to useless.

She never gave up and eventually found there are actual real life 6 and 7 figure earners out there wanting to show others how they did it.   Giving actual step by step instructions.

She was fortunate enough to find a couple hands on mentors at an extremely reasonable price for the value they over deliver!

Now she is happily ever after building her online empire.


Spoiler Alert!

It’s me!

I’m the one now enjoying my journey. No more struggling. Just fun, new friends and opportunities everywhere!


If you are not already one of my new friends…


I invite you to join me…..



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